The Met Lounge is a 200 capacity club situated right in the centre of Peterborough and has been the home of the 'alternative' generation since 1999.

We run 2 club nights every weekend and on other nights feature lots of local and upcoming national bands.

A list of bands who have treaded the boards here at The Met would take several pages but a short list would include...Snow Patrol,Enter Shikari,Ed Sheeran,Example,The Darkness,The Libertines,Funeral for a Friend,Mallory Knox,Deaf Havana, Fenech Soler,

We have in-house PA & Lights that are probably amongst the best in any 200 cap across the UK. - we love promoting shows ourselves or we're quite happy to let an outside promoter take care of their show if they wish.

for more details please call us on 01733 566100 or email us 

People mske clubs - not fancy fittings and lots of flashing lights and we think that the regular crowds that have passed through the doors here at The Met are the best in the area - which is why we're still here!


A 'Met Regular' enjoys music,drinking and dancing - although probably not in that order!


The divide between the 'mainstream' chart clubs and the 'alternative' clubs has probably got narrower over the years but if you're the sort of person who enjoys going to festivals and big gigs around the country and simply wants to put on your favourite jeans and new band t-shirt to come out for a night then thats fine by us. 


The gigs at The Met are open to 14+ but all under 16's neeed to be accomp by an adult/18+. The club sessions are strictly 18+ and ID will be required.


Getting a Gig at The Met

As much as we'ed love to give every band that contacts us a a show then we have to face the reality that getting people out to see a show with bands they've not discovered yet is getting harder by the day.

Therefore its really important that if you want a show at The Met then its essential that you have already established a following thats prepared to come and support you on the show.

We recommend that bands have a read of this website before they take their show on the road - - go have a look and have a read. 

Then send us an email to

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